"He who does not know the real design, will turn to an imitation"
NSAA(n-sah): refers to the genuineness and authenticity of an object. It reflects excellence and its use is intended to discourage satisfaction with objects of lower quality or of second nature!

This is a very important word for me because being & staying true to one's self is some real shit and some real talk for those of us who have transcended struggle with letting go of your pre-conditioned way of thinking and thus believing!

Believing in everything and nothing simultaneously without having an expectation of another and the Karma of Reciprocity in return!

It can be a Bitch to walk around actively consciously aware of not only yourself but others and their needs and not receive the same Grace in return and sometimes it can be a Triple Bitch when you are somehow deeply affected by others actions!

Well, to be frankly honest my fellow friends, this ish has been going on for years and I have just about come to the conclusive understanding through trial & error that no one is responsible for your happiness but you!

The world is your idea and you have the power to create your reality however you desire whether egoically or holistically!

Stay True to thy self always by taking time to embody a sense of self-interest and not self-centeredness!

Special Cosmic Love,
Night Nurse

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hunter's Album Release & Birthday Party

Dallas is going in for 2012 and just so happens to be one of my favorite artists and soul sister from another mother, "Huntertheone" formerly known as Keisha D. Hunter in some close knit circles got next. Hunter is slated to be one of Dallas' finest musical power houses packing enough heat to mesmerize us with her sultry soul stirring vocals coupled with a raw to the jaw lyrical spit fyah flow. Check out some of the performance highlight footage from her 1st album project release of "Same Love Different Day" and B-day Bash @ 2826 Arnetic Dallas alongside some of our extended musical family and DFW metro-plexians. Want to know more about"Huntertheone" or interested in booking this amazing talent for a show? See info below, click on provided links, like her fan page and share this blog with all yo frennnnzzzzzz!

Lets make magic Dallas,
DJ Night Nurse

About Keisha

Hunter is the irony of me. It is the name that I am proud to bear from a family whose foundation is Love; where my strength comes from. A wise man once said that my name means hunter of great joy and happiness, and that suits me fine. One of my rhymes says, "Now let's see, cuz this can take some time describing myself, Look at me, a mixture of the cards that I have been dealt, I don't mind, you can call me whatever the hell you want, I'm that Kind, Yes, I've been all those people, I'm not gone front." I am my experiences, my trials and tribulations, my joys and sorrows, my loves and dislikes, my brilliance and ignorance, you get the idea. I am a mother first, a seeker of truth, a giver of knowledge, a well for love. Similarly to the Father of Heaven, I am..... Whatever the moment calls for, I attempt to be both in the audience and on the stage of life; I am conscious. Keisha D. Hunter, age 31, was born in Mckinney,TX a suburb of Dallas,TX. She likes to say she is from the burbs of Dallas when asked. She grew up in Plano, Garland, and sometimes Richardson, TX. Hunter got grown in Houston, TX, a home away from home where she attended the University of Houston and also where she found her true love, hip-hop is what we'll call him. At age 16, she signed with her first label, Boss Records, a start-up that went nowhere fast. Now she is working on her first album, “Same Love, Different Day”, with her producer and co-owner of One Face Entertainment, C.J. Hunter. Check the tat on her back, :-D. “Same Love, Different Day” will be released Fall 2011. This album is about Hunter and her experiences in the form of poetry against some funky beats. Listen, there is a method to her madness; she pours out her soul on wax. Her pad and pen are weapons of mass destruction. She hopes to enlighten, inspire, and induce the feelings of great joy and happiness that she too seeks. 

http://tiny.cc/onefaceent <------Subscribe http://facebook.com/HunterMusicLove <-------- Like Me http://reverbnation.com/huntertheone <--------- Listen http://youtube.com/huntertheone <------ Watch Me http://twitter.com/huntertheone <------Follow Me http://newmusicfeeds.com/profile/Hunter http://hunter-theone.bandcamp.com/ http://www.mtraks.com/artist/huntertheone/ http://soundcloud.com/huntertheone Social Media Marketing ------->http://bizybuilder.com/blog

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