"He who does not know the real design, will turn to an imitation"
NSAA(n-sah): refers to the genuineness and authenticity of an object. It reflects excellence and its use is intended to discourage satisfaction with objects of lower quality or of second nature!

This is a very important word for me because being & staying true to one's self is some real shit and some real talk for those of us who have transcended struggle with letting go of your pre-conditioned way of thinking and thus believing!

Believing in everything and nothing simultaneously without having an expectation of another and the Karma of Reciprocity in return!

It can be a Bitch to walk around actively consciously aware of not only yourself but others and their needs and not receive the same Grace in return and sometimes it can be a Triple Bitch when you are somehow deeply affected by others actions!

Well, to be frankly honest my fellow friends, this ish has been going on for years and I have just about come to the conclusive understanding through trial & error that no one is responsible for your happiness but you!

The world is your idea and you have the power to create your reality however you desire whether egoically or holistically!

Stay True to thy self always by taking time to embody a sense of self-interest and not self-centeredness!

Special Cosmic Love,
Night Nurse

Thursday, December 16, 2010

ANCIENT EGYPT by Gerald Massey

This a beautiful poem I found on Velourpistol.com's Blog.
I am reposting it on my blog & I encourage you to repost it!
Lets empower each other family by supporting one anothers
creative activism! With, Love
Night Nurse


EGYPT! how I have dwelt with you in dreams, So long, so intimately, that it seems As if you had borne me; though I could not know, It was so many thousand years ago! And in my gropings darkly underground The long-lost memory at last is found Of Motherhood—you Mother of us all! And to my fellow-men I must recall The memory too; that common Motherhood May help to make the common brotherhood. Egypt! it lies there in the far-off past, Opening with depths profound and growths as vast As the great valley of Yosemité; The birthplace out of darkness into day; The shaping matrix of the human mind; The Cradle and the Nursery of our kind. This was the land created from the flood, The land of Atum, made of the red mud, Where Num sat in his Teba throned on high, And saw the deluge once a year go by, Each brimming with the blessing that it brought, And by that water-way, in Egypt’s thought, The Gods descended; but they never hurled A Deluge that should desolate the world. There the vast Hewers of the early time Built, as if that way they would surely climb The heavens; and left their labours without name— Colossal as their carelessness of fame— Sole likeness of themselves—that heavenward For ever look with statuesque regard, As if some Vision of the Eternal grown Petrific, was for ever fixed in stone! They watched the Moon re-orb, the Stars go round, And drew the Circle; Thought’s primordial bound. The Heavens looked into them with living eyes, To kindle starry thoughts in other skies, For us reflected in the image-scroll That night by night the stars for aye unroll. The Royal Heads of Language bow them down To lay in Egypt’s lap each borrowed crown. The light of Asia was of Afric born; Africa, dusky Mother of the Morn; She bore the Babe-Messiah meek and mild, The Good Lord Horus, the Eternal child: The unhistoric Saviour,—hence divine— Buddha in India; Christ in Palestine! The glory of Greece was but the After-glow Of her forgotten greatness lying low. Her Hieroglyphics buried dark as night, Or coal-deposits filled with future light, Are mines of meaning; by their light we see Through many an overshadowing mystery. The nursing Nile is living Egypt still, And as her lowlands with its freshness fill, And heave with double-breasted bounteousness, So doth the old Hidden Source of Wisdom bless The nations; secretly she brought to birth, And Egypt yet enriches all the earth.

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