"He who does not know the real design, will turn to an imitation"
NSAA(n-sah): refers to the genuineness and authenticity of an object. It reflects excellence and its use is intended to discourage satisfaction with objects of lower quality or of second nature!

This is a very important word for me because being & staying true to one's self is some real shit and some real talk for those of us who have transcended struggle with letting go of your pre-conditioned way of thinking and thus believing!

Believing in everything and nothing simultaneously without having an expectation of another and the Karma of Reciprocity in return!

It can be a Bitch to walk around actively consciously aware of not only yourself but others and their needs and not receive the same Grace in return and sometimes it can be a Triple Bitch when you are somehow deeply affected by others actions!

Well, to be frankly honest my fellow friends, this ish has been going on for years and I have just about come to the conclusive understanding through trial & error that no one is responsible for your happiness but you!

The world is your idea and you have the power to create your reality however you desire whether egoically or holistically!

Stay True to thy self always by taking time to embody a sense of self-interest and not self-centeredness!

Special Cosmic Love,
Night Nurse

Thursday, May 5, 2011

May Art & Coffee

Art, Love, Magic Presents: May Art & Coffee

Friday, May 6 · 7:30pm - 10:30pm
2901 Indiana Blvd
Dallas, TX 75226

May's Art & Coffee is back. We took a month off to support the Deep Ellum Arts Festival. But we are back with an awesome line up! Our featured acts are two beautiful and passionate women. Kelly Nygren will be our featured musician and Maggie Smith will be our featured poet. One of the highlights of the show will be watching a select few artists collaborate on a 16 ft painting outside of the coffee shop. 

Local poets and musicians are welcome to sign up on the list to perform on our Open Mic (sign up starts at 7 and is usually full by 7:30!)

Entry is free, but you'll want to bring a few dollars to shop for original local art, grab a coffee, and put a dollar or two in the donation jar to support the cause.

Our live artists will include a few new faces:
Joshua Poole-painter
April Luster-jeweler
Dana Heckler-photographer/photo booth! (50s style set up with props, dress up if you want!)
DJ Night Nurse- Spinning Space Fusions & Dubstep

And some veterans:
Samax Amen-digital art
Brandy Collins-painter

David Rodriguez, Kelsey Kincannon, Daniel Perez, Eddie Walker

Artists- bring your sketchbooks! Photographers- bring your cameras! Everyone-get ready to make some awesome art at our revamped interactive area!

See you real soon!!

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